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Damian Wyard, Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor is in the House!

We are very pleased to have Damian Wyard, owner of Pilates4Physio, working out of his own private space within the studio.  Damian has over 20 years combined experience in sports massage, Pilates and Physiotherapy. Damian’s services are covered under most private insurance plans. You can find out more about Damian and Pilates4Physio on his website. You […]

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Bonnie Gordon Canada Cares Bake Sale for Raja Syria

Cookies don’t have a lot to do with Pilates, but these big cookies reflect my big heart! 😉 As many of already know, I am involved with Raja Syria – we are a group committed to sponsoring and supporting a family of seven Syrian refugees, who will be hopefully be arriving in Toronto before the […]

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New Addition to the Studio

Meet Sorina! Sorina is a rescue dog from Romania. She spent her life living on the streets. I was lucky enough to foster Sorina through Safehome Animal Rescue and it became quickly apparent that she and I were meant to be together, so I adopted her! Sorina loves people and is the sweetest, gentlest dog. […]

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To Flex or Not to Flex – Building a Healthy Back and a Strong Core

If you’ve ever taken one of my Pilates classes, you know that I don’t do a number of the traditional Pilates exercises – rolling like a ball, roll over – essentially any exercise with repetitive lumbar flexion. I tell all my clients, and anyone else who will listen, to stop doing crunches or sit-ups. They […]

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Pilates and its Effect on the Abdominal Muscles

I came across a great little study completed by the Physical Education Department, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain – “Marked Effects of Pilates on the Abdominal Muscles“. The conclusion of the study was that ” Pilates practice twice a week for 9 months elicits hypertrophy of the abdominal wall […]

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Pelvic Floor Health

I have created a DVD and program for women suffering from incontinence, and the pelvic floor is an area of discussion that is close to my heart. (well, its not really close, but you know what I mean). Last month, I attended a workshop on the Pelvic Floor and Pilates – a topic you think a […]

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